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Day to Night Dress

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There are a lot of little tricks to learn when taking an outfit from day to night. The biggest one of these little tricks is accessorizing. Accessorizing is an integral part of an outfit especially when you're dressing appropriately for the time of day. You have to be conscious of your jewelry, hair, purse and your shoe choice in order to make an outfit work for whatever occasion. Here is a visual:

1. Shoes

Here is a very basic dress. If you're dressing for day to night you always want to consider your shoes.

For Day:
Try a pair of basic flats, depending on the dress and how adventurous you're feeling on that day. It makes it work appropriate, as well as school appropriate without looking too overdone.

For Night:

Try a nice pair of wedges or cute heels to pair with the dress. It will make your dress come alive at night.

2. Jewelry

Another thing to be cognizant of when dressing from day to night is jewelry.

For Day:
Daintier jewelry is better to be worn for the day to make your outfit look a little more subdued, like this rhinestone bow necklace. 

For Night:

This peter pan collar necklace is perfect big statement jewelry for night time. 

 3. Purse/satchel
What you carry is imperative to your look for day to night.

For Day:
For day a satchel or crossbody bag like this one works best. 
For Night:
For night try a refined satchel. Something a little less busy and simple. Clutches also work perfectly for night. 

4.  Other Accessories
For Day:

Add a belt!
For Night:

Add tights! Also great for Fall coming up and Winter.

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