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After Christmas Shopping

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Although it can be quite crowded shopping after Christmas, for those of us willing to brave the throngs of crazy shoppers and return lines out the door, it can be worth it. My only tips are shop clearance! A lot of the times places put their winter apparel and accessories on clearance even though we still have a few months of bitter Winter left to endure. Also, never pay full price for anything around this time. With the deals, coupons and clearance waiting to buy the newest spring outfit at full price is best.

Having said all that, here is what I scored in my post-Christmas shopping extravaganza:

Periwinkle Lauren Conrad Wedges (Kohl's):


Original Price: $69.99
I Paid: $7.50
Faux Leather Bow Gloves (Target):
Original Price: $19.99
I Paid: $14.99
 Burgundy Felt Hat (American Eagle):
Original Price: $24.99
I Paid: $6.99 (technically nothing I had a gift card)

All in all it was a good Christmas. 

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