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My Fashion New Year's Resolutions

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Everyone has their own New Year's Resolutions and I've come up with a set of separate resolutions for my style.

1). Accessorize More

I wear tights and socks a lot and some scarves, but accessorizing has never been my forte. I want to take this year and buy more jewelry and little accessories to make my outfits pop. 

2). Invest in Basics

I tend to buy things that stand out to me, which means they have details that make them stand alone pieces. So, rarely do I invest in basic pieces that can be versatile, like a good pair of dress pants and basic sweaters. 

Photo courtesy of tumblr

3). Learn How to do Make-up

Although, make-up and fashion tend to go hand-in-hand, I definitely consider myself a make-up novice. So, this year I'm going to buy good make-up and teach myself how to apply it. So, I have a plethora of options for when I go out, instead of doing the same old thing.

Photo courtesy of tumblr

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