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Gatsby Get-Up

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People seemed to like my take on fashion in Anna Karenina, so I decided to do a post in honor of the Great Gatsby movie that is coming out very soon. If you're searching for a look that will make Jay Gatsby swoon or just looking to channel your inner flapper, this is the post for you.

The Drop-Waist

The drop waist dress was very prominent during this time and a very important staple for Ms. Daisy Buchanan. 

Try this pleated drop-waist dress from Forever 21

Statement Headbands

In this film, Daisy Buchanan constantly dons bold hats and statement hair accessories.

Try this lace headband from Forever, 21 also.


Daisy is rarely seen without some sort of sequin or sparkle to her outfit.

This my modern take on a 1920s classic that still retains the sparkle from Piper Lime

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