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Fall Fashion

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Hello! I’m Anna’s cousin, Sidney, who will be a guest blogger for the moment as she is very busy! I hope you’ll bear with me, as I’m not as good of a fashion blogger as she is, but I’ll try my best! X

As Fashion Week keeps rolling on, debuting high-end fashion’s latest styles, you’ll start to see more affordable chain brands are starting to transition into fall wear and putting them on the racks. Although the summer heat is still going strong, it’s always best to hit the mall when the newest looks are out on display! (You’ll wear that sweater in two weeks; don’t worry about whether you’ll be wearing it tomorrow!) So, how can you incorporate some of the new fall trends into your style?


Military trend always comes back full speed during the fall! The army greens, camo, and gold embellishments adorn just about everything you see in the stores. Scared to test out such a look? Incorporate military-inspired pieces slowly – stick a pin like this one, from Forever 21, onto a jacket to give it a bit of edge!

If you are willing to go all-out commando, try thrifting airforce jumpsuits or buying a pair of over-the-knee boots. Watch the length of the over-the-knee boot, however, and what you wear it with! Too flashy of a skirt can look displeasing or risqué, but match it with a modest skirt or short and you’re set.


Another trend that comes around each season is uniform-inspired looks. Although this fad could get a bit drab as the years roll on, this season the studious clothes have been given a bit of edge! The best thing to keep in mind with trying to wear these pieces is to avoid looking Clueless, 90’s prep. Thankfully, so long as your wardrobe consists of a little bit of edge or more modern pieces, you’re safe with these staples! Cute pieces to look out for include elbow-pad sweaters, polka dot or striped trousers, thigh highs, pleated skirts, and oxfords! 

These two trends are classic fall attire, but with the proper styling can be taken to a whole new level! Metallic accessories and clothes are still popular and selling in stores – incorporating a stylish, modern trend such as this ups the level of chic in a wardrobe with classic pieces. Mess around with tights, socks, skirts, and best of all – jackets and sweaters! This season mess around with minimal and layered jewelry. The best part about fall clothes is the experimental aspects that come with each garment. So feel free to test your style to your heart’s content – hopefully, one of these trends will become a part of your daily style!

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