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Must-Have Shorts!

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1. The Printed Short

Printed shorts are very popular this season. With all the different patterns they can fit anyone's style. You can get a regular denim pair with a floral pattern or a high-waisted chiffon pair with polka dots. It all depends on what fits your personal style. Below there are a pair of LC Lauren Conrad polka dot shorts from Kohl's, floral print denim shorts from Target and bright tribal print shorts from American Eagle

2. The Colored Short

These shorts have become especially popular this season. They're great for color blocking and you can also pair them with neutrals, which makes them especially versatile. They come in every color from subdued, to neon, to pastel. So, whatever your favorite color pallet is, you can find a pair for you. Here we have a pair of cut-off shorts from American Eagle the are a more subdued burgundy, and a pair of neon pink shorts from Nordstrom and a pair of short pastel orange from Urban Outfitters. 


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