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Designer fashion for less?

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Alright, guys. So, I've done my research and I've found some designers that are designing for more affordable stores, which is awesome. Especially, for me since I'm a poor college kid, who works at Kohl's. Speaking of Kohl's, the first designer up for discussion is Narciso Rodriguez designing for Kohl's. They are launching something similar to what target does, which is a limited edition collection by the name of DesigNation. So, here's a glimpse at what it's going to look like and sources report that it will be making it's debut in November of this year.

Hopefully, this gives you a feel for Narciso Rodriguez's design aesthetic that will be merging with Kohl's. It's very different and now made affordable with prices ranging from (30$-150$).

The next designer I found merging with a more affordable company is Maison Martin Margiela, who happens to be merging with H&M this coming season. H&M announced that the collection will be hitting stores November 15th of this year. Not only will there be a women's collection in this case, but a men's collection as well.
Unfortunately, this is the best preview I can find. However, between Margiela and H&M I think they will produce a phenomenal collection.

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