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Sequin Style Guide

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I know what you're thinking when it comes to sequins. These aren't sequin tops, but bottoms. More specifically, skirts. They're in for this fall season, which is great. You can wear them from work to play without looking like you're going to a teen dance club. The trick to it is tone it down, don't play it up. Hopefully, these pictures can portray what I mean a little better.

The Classic Button Down:
 Here, she chose a sequin maxi skirt, which I think is incredibly beautiful and stylish. To tone it down, she used a button down. A lot of the times you can use any different color button down you want and you can, also, change up the material. Chiffon button downs look phenomenal with sequin skirts whether you decided to tuck them in or not.

The Soft Sweater:
Another option to really make this casual and everyday wearable is a sweater. Especially, an over-sized one. When you let it drape over the sequin skirt it really gives you a subdued look with a pop. Generally, when choosing colors to match your sequins neutrals are always a great bet.

Lots of Layers:
Layering, by tucking in your shirt and wearing a blazer over top gives this a clean look without being over done. Any type of blazer would work: a boyfriend, or a cropped. Whatever you have in your closet really. That's why these sequin skirts are such a great piece to have. They're really a staple in your wardrobe that you can easily build off of.

Picture for your thoughts:

Where to get yours?
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