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Fashion Myth Busters

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I've decided to start a series in this blog called Fashion Myth Busters. I will be taking several fashion myths and busting or confirming them. This is part one. Get excited!

Myth #1:

You only need one pair of black heels.  

As nice as it would be to only have to buy one pair of black heels until they're worn out, it is unfortunately untrue. Because of the plethora of styles, materials and heights that heels come in, not to mention the multitude of events in your life you'll need them for, it is imperative to have more than one style of black heel. I've narrowed it down to 3 types of black heels that should suit different events, including day-to-day activities.

1. The Work Pair
This is the more practical pair of heels that most successful women are in need of. Especially, those that are on their feet constantly. For these, I suggest a point toe, that way it will look good with dress pants and skirts, etc. I also suggest a lower heel. As cute as 4 inch heels are they aren't incredibly practical and can kill your feet. 
     My Top Choice:

A Patent Pump
2. The Trendy Pair
The next kind I like to define as the trendy pair, which is something you can go out in. It shouldn't be too fancy. They should be simple and define your sense of style.
     My Top Choice:
A Strappy Peep-toe Wedge
3. The Fancy Dinner Pair
This pair of heels should be a mix of trendy and classic. They're heels that you can wear to a party or a nice restaurant. They're trendy, but reserved and should be formal. For these I'd try to stay away from a platform heel as well as sequins.
My Top Choice:
An Elegant Pump

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