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Interview Appropriate: Shoes

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Hello, hello!
So, this is my first article in a new segment, where I explore what to wear when going into an interview. This one is all about shoes. I'll be publishing more hopefully so, stay tuned!

My friend is entering an interview this week for a GM internship and asked my advice on an appropriate outfit for an interview and I was immediately inspired. There are many rules to consider when looking for an outfit. What you wear is imperative, it sends a message to the company about you and who doesn't want to make a good first impression? Because an interview is just that: a first impression.

What to consider:
First of all, know your company. Research the company and see what you can find out about their values and work ethic. If it's a conservative company the last thing you want to do is show up in a mini skirt and 4 inch heels. If you're going to work as a floor associate at a fashion store make sure you look moderately conservative, but also have an updated fashionable look.

Always, always, always wear heels. ALWAYS. It shows that you take the job seriously. Now, what kind of heel?

What NOT to do:

  •  Open-toed shoes: A lot of places prohibit open-toed shoes and you do not want to go into your interview already violating their dress code. 
  • Tall heels: Try to keep your heel under 3 inches
  • Platforms: As cute as they can be, they don't exactly scream professional. Save those for after work. As women, we are already fighting many gender stigmas and it looks unprofessional to wear shoes that you'd go clubbing in.
  • Bright Colors/ Patterns: Bright colors and patterns can be very distracting. You don't want your future employer focusing on anything other than you and if you wear wild shoes their attention may stray. Stick with neutrals and maybe a little bit of color, that way you don't have to worry about clashing either.
  • Sequins/Sparkles: Again very distracting wait to wear those once you've gotten the job.

My suggestions:

 Pick a no-nonsense heel: something with a point toe, in whatever material. Patent can give your outfit a trendier look, while remaining conservative.

Now, go get em', Tiger!

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