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My Favorite Era of Fashion

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My favorite decade of fashion is definitely the 1940's. I love the silhouette. I also believe that this dedicate in particular is very indicative of strong women. WWII definitely shaped the way women dressed. There were shortages on a lot of textiles and rubber, which forced women to be creative and also raised the hemline for most skirts and dresses. 

    Between the hats and gloves, the A-line skirts and the shoulder pads, you can't help but love it. Not to mention the militaristic inspiration of it all

Looking for an Update?
Love this look, but looking to update it? I found pieces mostly from Modcloth that are very 1940s with a little twist giving you a modern look.

I love this dress from Mod Cloth because it is so reminiscent of this time period with the severe shoulders. 

This coat also from Mod Cloth I love because it's long and has the militaristic inspiration to it like a lot from that era. 

I am irrevocably in love with this dress (also from Mod Cloth, surprise!). The white satin is so 1940's and it has a simply beautiful silhouette, which is incredibly figure-flattering. 

Feel free to leave them below.

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