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Fashion Myth Busters: The Maxi Myth

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Myth: Short Girls Can't Wear Maxi Skirt/Dresses

This is a myth that I can definitely empathize with. I'm 20 years old and stand a solid 5' 2", but I love the maxi look. Maxi skirts and dress have become very popular recently, but I'm constantly hearing shorter girls say they can't rock this look, which is, in a word, false. Like most trends, it's all about styling. Exhibit A:

Jacket: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Tank Top: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Sandals: American Eagle
Purse: H&M
Ring: Lauren Conrad for Kohl's

Because of the maxi skirt I chose, it's hard to tell that I'm fun-sized (or any other euphemism for short there is). Like I said before, I suffer from a short complex, that I've managed to come to terms with.  My tips for maxi skirts are opt for a higher waisted skirt. It lengthens your legs and helps create the illusion of a taller figure. This myth is almost backwards and can make you look taller if anything. If you're still iffy about it or you have a maxi dress you can always go for a pair of heels or wedges. 

Now we can safely say this Myth has been officially BUSTED.

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