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Nerd Care Package

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It's been awhile since I've posted, but it's good to be back. My blog will probably go through a lot of tweaks and changes over the next couple of months. There will be a different theme and content, which brings me to this spur of the moment post. After moving out a year ago, I haven't had much contact with my family. I probably talk to them every few weeks or so, but my lovely sister sent me a nerd care package, which made my entire week. 

Being a computer science major and a programmer my sister bought me a book on the first computer program ever written by a woman who was way ahead of her time. The book is called Ada's Algorithm.

My sister also knows I'm a huge fan of puzzles and she knows I like to distract myself with them. So, she bought me the cutest book of word searches.

Lastly, because of my affinity for Einstein she purchased me a pair of socks with his face on them (which I had no idea were even in existence), from Modcloth, if any of you out there are interested in buying a pair for yourself.

That's all I got. 


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