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Review: Ipsy's Glambag

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And I'm back. 

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to actually learn how to do makeup. I've been winging it ever since I was allowed to wear makeup and most of the time I forgo it altogether. Not because I dislike it, but mostly because it scares me. 

I found this company recently called Ipsy that sends you a bag every month filled with several (trial-size) items of makeup. It covers everything from nail polish to lipstick to hair products. I figured because it's only 10 bucks a month this might be a good opportunity to try makeup and products I wouldn't normally try. So, I finally got my first bag for April and I'm incredibly excited. Here it is:

The theme this month was "Bohemian beauty" and although I'm not a huge fan of the bag itself or a bohemian style, I did end up with some really great products.

Because I'm always looking for a good deal (and I'm cheap) I priced out everything that I got in my bag to make sure it's worth it. 

Items and Prices:
Hikari, Blush in Tango: $15
Starlooks, Lip Gloss in Cuddle: $4
Jor'el Parker, Femina Mini Roller: $21
Hey Honey, Honey Silk Facial Serum: $13.67
the Balm, Mini Nude Dude Eye Shadow in Fit: $3

Total: $56.67

Considering that I paid ten dollars and got over 50 dollars worth of makeup, I would say it is definitely worth it. I'm looking forward to future bags and I would highly recommend this, especially if you're cheap like me and want to try new makeup without buying the full size product.

A couple things to keep in mind, this site has a lot of users. You might be initially wait-listed. In addition, because it has so many users they can't make everyone happy. So, you may only get one or two products in your bag that you really love. In my case, I don't use eye shadow very often and I'm not a lip gloss person, but I understand they can't give you everything that you want or that you even ask for. You may see a lot of people complaining, but I think it is at least worth a shot for most people.

Good luck on your makeup endeavors.

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