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A Need for Tweed?

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Tweed is a great for this season and I've been seeing it everywhere. It's incredibly preppy and cute. It can also be very work appropriate. 

Tweed Celebrity Style (How they wore it):
Anne Hathaway pairs a beautiful tweed jacket with grey skinny jeans and black heels. 
Kate Middleton rocks a beautiful tweed jacket.
Staying classy as always.
Chloe Moretz wears a perfectly preppy tweed skirt. 
Kristen Stewart makes this tweed dress look effortless.

Where to get yours:
This Elle Tweed Jacket from Kohl's updates a regular tweed jacket with some rocker details, making it perfect for the modern women.
Elle Tweed Jacket

This multi colored tweed skirt from JCrew is perfect work without looking boring.
JCrew Multi-colored Skirt

This tweed jacket from modcloth is a perfect classic.
Modcloth Tweed Jacket 

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