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How to Wear Houndstooth

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Houndstooth has become very popular this coming season and can be seen on everything; from coats to skirts to tops. It's such a staple piece and a different pattern it's hard to figure out what exactly to wear with it. These are a few tips on how I would wear houndstooth.

1. Color:
   When wearing houndstooth you always want to be cognizant of what colors you choose to go along with it. You always want to do neutrals i.e. black, white (match the hue of the white in the pattern be it off white or a cleaner white) or grey. If you're feeling adventurous red is always a good option as well. It is also very dependent on the piece. Some houndstooth isn't necessarily black and white. For different colored houndstooth I like to stay monochromatic and match whatever color the pattern happens to be in.

Here, Blair Waldorf (i.e. Leighton Meester) pairs a perfect houndstooth top with a black skirt keeping her outfit very clean and sleek.
2. Silhouette 
    Because houndstooth is a very busy pattern and ends up being the center piece for an outfit I try to keep the silhouette very simple. If you wear a houndstooth skirt try to find a former fitting top and maybe some tights. Keeping the silhouette clean is imperative when wearing houndstooth, which is already a very busy pattern.
Selena Gomez wore this houndstooth skirt (in my opinion) perfectly. She chose a simple clean top and boots to pair with it, making for a clean look.


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